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Every time I come across a picture of a derivative of Brutus Ten or Brutus 2.0 (20), I am completely amazed and truly humbled to the bone. I can’t believe that there are this many systems out there and it seems that every time that I visit another forum I see more. Over the last two years I have robbed and pillaged these pictures from the interweb. It is not easy stealing a picture from the internet, but I know how to do it. I have compiled a photo album for these systems and usually know nothing more than the user/builders screen name in the forums. So for now, I have titled each system with the username. If you see your system and would like for me to add your real name, or even add (or remove) your system from my site, I would be most glad to do so! In this album you will find every system that I currently know of who has employed some part, or all or the original Brutus Ten, or in a growing number, Brutus 2.0... Please enjoy!

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